header1Wisdom From Above is the official website for the writing and teaching ministry of Harlan Betz. The writings and teachings of Harlan Betz are based on the Bible, and they are designed to help you gain true wisdom.

Most people get so caught up in the affairs of this life that they fail to prepare for the next. The person who prepares for this life but not for the next is wise for a moment but a fool for eternity! No one really wants to be a fool for eternity, but very few seem to know how to prepare for eternity.

Harlan’s book, “Setting the stage for Eternity” draws wisdom from above and reveals divine insight on what heaven is like, how to get there, how to live your life in a way that enables you to reach your God-designed potential, and how to live in a way that brings the greatest glory to God. This book is not just instructional, it is inspirational. It will challenge you and it could even change your life!

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